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Member of VikarBranchen – your guarantee

BlueCollar is a member of the VikarBranchen, which is part of DI (the Confederation of Danish Industry). This gives our clients the assurance that we comply with the Danish Act on Temporary Workers, which stipulates that temporary workers are entitled to the same salary and terms as permanent employees in a corresponding job.

Membership in VikarBranchen means that:

  • We have passed an admission check and are bound by ethical guidelines.
  • We are subject to random checks by an external auditor who checks that we comply with the rules on employment, salary, retirement, holiday pay and social security contributions.
  • We are updated about laws and regulations in the field of employment.
  • We have access to HR legal advice from DI’s experts.

Find out more about DI’s VikarBranchen here

Download VikarBranchen’s booklet here


Yes to collective agreement-based pay

”We see many reasons why companies want to pay their temporary workers collective agreement-based pay. It may be that companies want to avoid cases that may burden the company’s finances and reputation. Companies may want to avoid conflicts with permanent staff that could arise by paying less to temporary staff. And it may be that companies want to pay all employees the salary that has been agreed for that job.”

CEO Magdalena Bahrami


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