Recruiting Qualified People

We work with foreign employees who create growth and value for companies. And with companies that create value and dignity for our foreign employees.


We assist you with everything and leave nothing to chance

Whether you need 1, 10, 100 or more qualified temporary workers or new employees, we can help. We are based in Denmark with recruitment offices in Poland and Romania, from which our dedicated staff strive on a daily basis to recruit the best employees and temps exclusively for our many Danish clients.
Therefore, you can confidently let us find the manpower you need. We have extensive experience across a wide variety of placements, and no task is too big or too small for us.

You are more than welcome to set high standards. We do!

We set high standards in our selection of temps and employees. But we hold ourselves to even higher standards. Standards for compliance with regulations, guidelines and collective agreements, for delivering service excellence and ensuring that both companies and temps mutually benefit from our collaboration.

We take good care of our temps, so they can take good care of their jobs

Security and well-being are vital for instilling job satisfaction and motivation, which are two key factors for achieving an efficient and loyal workforce. Through extensive close dialogue with our foreign temps and colleagues, we know that security, information and guidance are essential to the well-being of our employees – even if they are in Denmark to work for the first or the tenth time.

Beneficial Memberships

Bluecollar is a member of VirkarBranchen, an association for temporary work agencies under the Confederation of Danish Industry. This assures our clients that we are fully compliant with the necessary statutory requirements.
Moreover, it ensures our temps’ entitlement to the same salary and benefits as permanent employees with corresponding job functions.
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Are you looking for one or more temporary workers or employees? We’ve got them.

We recruit temps and employees through our own recruitment offices in Poland and Romania.

What Our Clients Say: