Recruiting Qualified People

We work with foreign employees who create growth and value for companies. And with companies that create value and dignity for our foreign employees.


We assist them in everything – and leave nothing to chance

Whether you need 1, 10, 100 or more qualified temporary workers or new employees, we can help you. We are based in Denmark, but we have our own recruitment offices in Poland and Romania, where our dedicated staff work on a daily basis to find the best employees and temps – exclusively for our many Danish clients.

You are more than welcome to set high standards. We do!

We set high demands in our selection of temps and employees. But we make even higher demands on ourselves. Demands to follow rules, guidelines and collective agreements. Demands to provide the best service. And demands to ensure that both companies and temps will benefit greatly from our co-operation.

We look after our temps, so they can look after their jobs

We know that security and well-being bring job satisfaction and motivation. Which are two key factors of efficient and loyal manpower.
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Beneficial Memberships

BlueCollar are a member of Vikarbranchen, which is part of DI. It provides our clients with the assurance that we live up to the temp law, which ensures that our temps have the right to the same salary and benefits as permanent employees in the same type of job.
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We have lots of candidates interested in :

  • Temporary work
  • Permanent employment
  • Try & Hire

Are you looking for one or more temporary workers or employees?

We recruit temps and employees through our own recruitment offices in Poland and Romania.

What Our Clients Say: