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Temporary workers provided to many industries and areas

Our temporary workers are widely represented in many industries and areas of expertise. The name of our agency, BlueCollar, was chosen to emphasise that we provide skilled and unskilled manual labour.

Manufacturing, construction and facilities

We supply many temporary workers to the metal industry, the food industry and the construction industry. These can be blacksmiths, welders, carpenters, painters, crane operators, labourers, etc.

Find out more about manufacturing, construction and facilities hereLæs mere of

Warehouse, logistics and transport

In a warehouse there is a need for employees such as forklift operators and warehouse workers. The same applies in the transport and logistics industry, where we provide logistics workers and drivers’ assistants.

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Service industry

There is a need for capable hands in the service industry. We can provide temporary workers for cleaning, canteens and social and health care.

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Horticulture and agriculture

In horticulture and agriculture, forestry and other environmental areas, there is a need for manpower – this can be in day-to-day operations, during illness and at peak periods.

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Oversight for certificates and training courses

We ensure that temporary workers have the required certificates, authorisations, courses, and that they generally meet applicable EU standards.

Examples of certificates and authorisations:

  • Truck certificate
  • Crane certificate
  • Welding certificate
  • Plumbing & heating authorisation
  • Electrical authorisation

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