Contractual salary

As a professional temp agency, we are of course a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Construction Association and VikarBranchen (The Association of Temporary Work Agencies)
Motiveret vikar på arbejde i

It must be safe to use a temp and to be a temp. Therefore, we are a member of VikarBranchen which represents a strong platform for temp agencies under the Dansk Industri.

This is not a mandatory requirement for us, but rather a conscious decision that we have taken because we wish to live up to the rules, procedures and requirements pertaining to temporary workers and the overall sector. So that we, you and our temps can operate in an environment of openness and cooperate safely and professionally.

Full compliance guarantee of all contractual rules

When you choose a temp agency that is a member of the VikarBranchen, an association in the Confederation of Danish Industry, you are helping to ensure orderly conditions for your temps, thereby avoiding the potential risk of professional litigation and bad publicity that could harm your business.

Under the Temporary Workers’ Act, temporary workers are entitled to the same collective pay and conditions as permanent employees with corresponding job functions. Cooperating with us ensures that all contractual matters are strictly observed.

As a member of VikarBranchen (The Association of Temporary Work Agencies), you can be assured that:

We have passed an admission check and are bound by ethical guidelines.

We are subjected to random checks by an external auditor who checks that we comply with the regulations for employment, salary, pension, holiday pay and social security contributions.

We are updated on laws and regulations pertaining to the temporary workers sector.

We have access to legal advice on employment law from experts in the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Benefits of paying temporary workers under collective agreements

There are many advantages to engaging temps in accordance with collective pay agreements.

You minimise the risk of cases that can impact your company finances and reputation

You avoid salary conflicts between your permanent staff and temporary staff

You ensure greater satisfaction, motivation and efficiency in the agreed task