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Let us do the administrative and practical work, so you can concentrate on running your business.

You are probably in a hurry. At least, that is the case for most of the companies that contact us. And the reason is often that they are short on staff.

Are you also too busy to find qualified staff? Let us help you!

All we need from you is an introductory talk about what employee(s) you are looking for and in need of. It is extremely important for us to align expectations, so we do not waste valuable time at your end, ours and the candidates’.
After that, we can go ahead and find the temps or permanent employees that you need, and in a short time.

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Magdalena Bahrami

Director & Owner


The Process

When the need for one or more additional employees arises, you can either choose to spend time finding the right candidate(s) yourself or you can contact BlueCollar.
There are several good reasons to choose the latter solution. Firstly, finding the right temp or permanent employee can be a long and time-consuming process. Secondly, employing staff entails numerous administrative tasks, regardless of whether the positions are permanent or temporary.
When you choose to let us recruit the manpower you are looking for, we manage everything. This leaves you free to focus on your daily operations and management.
All we require to prepare an exact quotation for you is:
  • a job description
  • your preferences and requirements for the temporary worker / employee
  • practical information such as the location and term of the employment
Based on the above, we will quote a price that includes all the costs of employing or engaging the employee through BlueCollar.
As soon as our quotation has been accepted, our recruitment process begins. We immediately contact our skilled recruiters in Poland and Romania, who are working on establishing contacts and good relations with potential candidates on a daily basis.
We use our own large database and extensive network to recruit the best candidates for you. Moreover, we advertise daily on the major job portals in Poland and Romania to also attract qualified candidates who are currently employed.
We screen CVs, check certificates and submit your job offer to relevant candidates. If the candidate shows an interest in the job, we ensure that he or she receives a complete description of the job, the terms and conditions of employment, as well as information about living in Denmark.
When we are sure that we have found the right match, we also obtain relevant references.
When the candidate has been presented with all conditions and accepted the job offer, we then prepare a translation of the candidate’s CV and any certificates. We make it easy and clear for you to see which candidates we have found before proceeding with further introductions.
If you agree with our selection, we can arrange an online interview between you and the candidate before concluding the specific job agreement. We are happy to assume the role of interpreter during the interview if it cannot be conducted in Danish or English.
If you are satisfied that the candidate is the right match for the job, we can begin the next step of the process immediately. This includes filling out the relevant paperwork, coordinating transport to Denmark and finding accommodation near the workplace.
Before the first working day, we ensure that the candidate arrives in Denmark as planned and assist them with settling in to their new home. We coordinate the plan for the first day of work with you. But first, we ensure that the employee knows the tasks and knows what is required and expected of them.
We can also be present at the start of the first working day together with the temp, if, for example, important safety rules must be reviewed. In our experience the employee can then carry out their duties with instructions from their immediate manager – on equal terms with the rest of the employees.
Should you or the employee need assistance with questions, translation or anything else for the duration of the employment, we are only a phone call away.
We want to ensure that you and our temporary staff mutually benefit from this cooperation. That is why, whenever necessary, we assume the role of liaison, advisor and sparring partner in relation to the employment at no extra charge.
However, extensive experience has taught us that safety, security and simplicity are some of the key factors for good cooperation. Consequently, there is a range of services included in our agreement to benefit both the companies and temps that we work with.
In addition to the entire recruitment process, we also ensure:
  • Salary payment on time in accordance with the existing collective agreement
  • Translation of internal rules or security procedures, when needed
  • Holiday planning in agreement with the customer
  • Accommodation and transport for the temp
  • Tax card and health insurance card
  • Doctor’s visit
If there are any other tasks or functions you would like us to assist with, we warmly invite you to discuss with us how we may add this to our cooperation agreement.

We will take care of all the practicalities of hiring

There will be no more work in it for you to hire a foreign temp than a Danish temp. On the contrary.

We take care of all the practicalities and legal details that come with hiring foreign workers – and temporary staff in general.

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We take care of all
the administration

We also ensure that
all temps will receive

Set rates for temps with no hidden costs

How much does a foreign temp cost, you might think?
Obviously, it depends on the position that temp is going to fill. According to the Temporary Workers’ Act, all temps (including foreign temporary workers) are entitled to the same salary and employment terms as permanent employees in a similar job function.
The short answer to what a foreign temp costs is therefore: The same as your other employees in the same position.
Not only do we want to live up to the provisions of the Temporary Workers’ Act, but we have also committed ourselves to it through our membership of the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Construction Association [internal link to Contractual salary]. It is both your and the temporary employees’ assurance that we comply with all applicable rules and collective agreements in the relevant profession and the company in which they work.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will quote a price.

With us, however, a price is more than that. You get a set price, including all costs and unlimited service related to the recruitment and employment process by our expert team. You will not receive any additional bills.
Consequently, you know for certain what are the associated costs of hiring employees or using temps recruited through BlueCollar.