Good conditions for temporary workers

No one takes a job abroad without a reason
Svejser på arbejde som vikar

In our experience our temps come to Denmark to work for different reasons. It can be an attractive temporary job, attractive salary and working conditions, unemployment etc.

Regardless of the candidate’s reason for taking a temporary job in Denmark, they must of course have good conditions.

Even though a temp has primarily come to Denmark to work, we must not forget that such factors as accommodation, language skills and an overall sense of security in the new situation play a significant role in achieving a successful employment, both for the company and the temp.

We take care of our temps, so they can take care of their jobs

We know that security and well-being bring job satisfaction and motivation, which are two essential factors of being an efficient and loyal worker.
Consequently, through our long-standing and close dialogue with our foreign temps and colleagues, we know how to instil the employee with a sense of well-being. They must feel safe, well-informed and guided in the job they have been hired to do and their new environment – whether it is the first or the tenth time that we work together.

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That is why we not only take care of all practicalities of the employment, but also continuously listen to and assist our temps with any wishes, concerns and queries they may have. In other words, we are available to them 24/7. Moreover, we remain a mentor and close contact for them throughout the process.

For example, we make sure
that all temps will receive:

What our Temps say:

“I chose to collaborate with BlueCollar because they offer a stable, long -term and well-paid job. At the same time, the recruitment and coordination teams have always offered, through professionalism, the necessary support by choosing the best options and solutions for our requests regarding various services and situations.

In conclusion, BlueCollar company was a professional and reliable collaborator, I appreciated the flexibility of the offered solutions, which differentiate them in a favorable way from its competitors”

Ioan Adrian Branet
Ioan Adrian Branet
Team leader, employed in the steel industri

“Regarding BlueCollar, I can say that I have been collaborating with them from 2017. I have never had any problems, neither with salaries or employment contracts. It’s a reliable company from all point of views. I am looking forward to many more contracts together”

vikar Jan hariga
Jan Vasile Hariga
concrete worker, employed within infrastructure

“There are many agencies on the market, however I was very lucky that I found BlueCollar. Cooperation with them is on a very professional level but above all, peace. After the first interview I already knew that I would not regret my choice. I can always count on professional help and advice from the office. I recommend BlueCollar to everyone with great pleasure. I wish every employee, an employer like BlueCollar. My confidence in them is so honest, that although I was not asked to do so, I am happy to share my number to potential employees, so that they can verify my opinion themselves.”

Marek skalski-min
Marek Skalski
concrete worker, employed within infrastructure

”I have been working with BlueCollar since 2016 and it has been a pleasure. It is a highly professional coordinator team that is always available by mail and telephone. BlueCollar assists with all administrative tasks and ensures that we as temps get the best conditions - I can therefore only recommend the cooperation and BlueCollar for recruitment.”

Anna Siwka
Employed in manfacturing company