Good conditions for temporary workers

No one takes a job abroad without a reason

It is our experience that our temps come to Denmark to work for different reasons. It can be an attractive temporary job, attractive payment and working conditions, unemployment etc.

But regardless of the candidate’s reason for taking a temporary job in Denmark, they must of course have good conditions.

For although a temp has primarily come to Denmark to work, we must not forget that things like housing, language skills and a general sense of security in the new situation play a significant role for a successful employment – for the company as well as the temp.

We look after our temps, so they can look after their jobs

We know that security and well-being bring job satisfaction and motivation. Which are two essential factors of being an efficient and loyal worker. Through our long-standing and close dialogue with our foreign temps and colleagues we therefore know what it takes to make the employee feel good about it all. They must feel safe, well-informed and guided in relation to the job they are hired to do and their new situation – whether it is the first or the 10th time we work together.

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That is why we take care of all practicalities of hiring, but also to continuously listen to and assist our temps in relation to their wishes, concerns and questions of doubt. In other words, we are available to them 24/7 – and not just that – we are a mentor to them and their close contact throughout the process.

For example, we make sure
that all temps will receive:

  • A residence close to the workplace
  • Transport from home country
  • Daily transport to and from the workplace
  • Interpretation and translation of instructions
  • Advice and support regarding any practical and personal challenges
  • Emergency service 24/7 in case of urgent need of assistance
  • Guidance on rules applying on the Danish labor market, including tax etc.
  • Preparation of tax card, CPR number (Social security number) and Yellow card (Health insurance)