How to find the best temps

Finding a temp or a new employee is not difficult. The challenge is to find the best one for the job.

A lack of available manpower can sometimes make it difficult to find qualified employees or temps. Especially if you need more employees or many temps. This is just one of the reasons why you can benefit from looking to Eastern Europe, if you are in need a substantial number of skilled workers.

However, very few business owners or managers are prepared to look for employees in other countries.

How to find the best temps abroad

Since 2009, we have been helping Danish companies find competent, efficient and versatile foreign workers.

We recruit temps and permanent staff through our own recruitment offices in Poland and Romania, where they work to find the best foreign candidates, exclusively for our company and our clients and not for other temp agencies.

We know them and they know us, our business partners and the Danish labour market. Over the years, they have amassed extensive experience and expertise in finding the most competent candidates, primarily for Danish industry and the construction sector.
It is precisely this thorough knowledge that ensures an effective and valued recruitment process for all parties involved.

We have found temps for many different companies time and again

Needless to say, we and our Eastern European colleagues have accumulated a wealth of experience, relationships and knowledge within the sector over the years.

However, what really matters to you is our ability to use all this aforementioned expertise to find the best employees for you.

We are certain we can! If you are in any doubt, just read more about why other companies like to work with us and keep coming back again and again.

Matching expectations is key to a successful cooperation and productive employees

Good communication is an essential element in finding good temps. Only in this way can we create efficient and valued recruitment.

Therefore, before we commence with the recruitment process, it is important to coordinate our expectations, preferences and requirements for the following:

1. How many temps do you need?

2. What specific tasks need to be executed?

3. What qualifications, education and certificates must the temp have?

4. How long is the term of employment expected to be?

5. How should the temp be paid?

6. Where is the workplace geographically located?

7. Are there any other requirements for the temp?

As soon as we have this information, we can begin recruiting the best temps to meet your specific requirements and needs.
We have our own recruitment offices in both Poland and Romania, so our local staff are vastly experienced in finding temps that meet our clients’ specific requirements. s

We speak Polish and Romanian

In addition to our colleagues in Poland and Romania, a number of our employees at our head office in Denmark are also multilingual. This means that we can at any time assist both you and our temporary staff with translation between Danish and Polish as well as Danish and Romanian.