Below you can read a small selection of references from companies and temps we have worked with.

The companies say:

"We went to BlueCollar because we, as well as other Danish recruitment agencies, have not been able to find employees with the right specialized skills for our 2nd and 3rd shifts. BlueCollar succeeded in identifying candidates for us in Poland and Romania and has been greet at seeing different opportunities along the way to find the right match. We have primarily had temporary staff for the purpose of permanent employment and have got some talented and stable staff who are now a regular part of our staff.

Communication and collaboration with BlueCollar has worked impeccably. If misunderstandings or other challenges occurred, then BlueCollar has been extremely helpfull to find a good solution. As an employer, it is great that the administrative part is handled by BlueCollar, and they make sure that everything about registration, housing, transport, etc. works. We are fully satisfied with our collaboration with BlueCollar and can recommend them as a recruitment partner."

Anja Klitgaard-Hermansen, HR Manager
Hosta Industries A/S

“We have worked with BlueCollar the past 6 years and throughout the whole period we have received a great service and a quick solution to our constant need of new staff.

Some of our BlueCollar temps have been employed with us continuously for several years, which is a great advantage for us in relation to training, and with new colleagues.

The temps make us flexible in relation to possible quick adaptation of our organization and even for the same salary as our other employees.

We are so happy and pleased with the collaboration. ”

Claus Møller Clausen
Claus Møller Clausen
J.P. Træemballage A/S

"Dantech Freezing Systems A / S is a supplier of quality equipment to the food industry world Wide. In order to be able to manufacture this equipment at our factory, and to ensure that the equipment is installed the right way at our customers, we need flexible as well as skilled employees. To find the right candidates, and BlueCollar has become a very important partner for us. BlueCollar fully understands our requirements & wishes.

They supply the right candidate for the job every time."

Carsten Bak Andreasen, Production Director
Dantech Freezing Systems A/S

“We have used BlueCollar since 2009 and can only say that their temps and service is fantastic.

They provide skilled temps with the required qualifications and help with all the practicality so that we can focus on the projects.

We are fully satisfied and can highly recommend them as a recruitment agency."

Søren Dalsgaard-min
Søren Dalsgaard
Ebbe Dalsgaard A/S

"Since 2017, we have used BlueCollar to recruit production employees, and we have done that for many years when we noticed that it has been a challenge to attract Danish, qualified workers. BlueCollar has been a strong partner in the recruitment process, and has repeatedly provided stable and competent temps. It should be noted that temporary work has most often led to permanent employment. BlueCollar provides a good and professional service throughout the recruitment process, where they are always available for assistance if it’s needed. It is therefore my experience that the cooperation with BlueCollar has been great."

Christian Bisgaard Jensen, Direktør
Nielsen & Løjmar A/S

“The work provided by BlueCollar is very efficient and the communication with them has always been clear and through an easy flow. Their team is very collaborative from recruitment, even when the position demands very specific qualifications, throughout the project. They handle the communication well with all temps, which makes our work easier. I am happy to say that we made the right decision by choosing BlueCollar.”

Rodrigo Canfora de Carvalho, Site Engineer
CME-Letbane I/S

Our temps say:

“I chose to collaborate with BlueCollar because they offer a stable, long -term and well-paid job. At the same time, the recruitment and coordination teams have always offered, through professionalism, the necessary support by choosing the best options and solutions for our requests regarding various services and situations.

In conclusion, BlueCollar company was a professional and reliable collaborator, I appreciated the flexibility of the offered solutions, which differentiate them in a favorable way from its competitors”

Ioan Adrian Branet
Ioan Adrian Branet
Team leader, employed in the steel industri

“Regarding BlueCollar, I can say that I have been collaborating with them from 2017. I have never had any problems, neither with salaries or employment contracts. It’s a reliable company from all point of views. I am looking forward to many more contracts together”

vikar Jan hariga
Jan Vasile Hariga
concrete worker, employed within infrastructure

”There are many agencies on the market, however I was very lucky that I found BlueCollar. Cooperation with them is on a very professional level but above all, peace. After the first interview I already knew that I would not regret my choice. I can always count on professional help and advice from the office. I recommend BlueCollar to everyone with great pleasure. I wish every employee, an employer like BlueCollar. My confidence in them is so honest, that although I was not asked to do so, I am happy to share my number to potential employees, so that they can verify my opinion themselves.”

Marek skalski-min
Marek Skalski
Team leader, carpenters

”I have been working with BlueCollar since 2016 and it has been a pleasure. It is a highly professional coordinator team that is always available by mail and telephone. BlueCollar assists with all administrative tasks and ensures that we as temps get the best conditions - I can therefore only recommend the cooperation and BlueCollar for recruitment.”

Anna Siwka
Employed in manfacturing company