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Romanian labour is finding favour

At BlueCollar, we have always employed a small number of temporary workers from Romania in parallel with our original primary focus on Polish labour. Our clients have expressed great satisfaction with the employees from Romania, where their professional skills and...

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The Danish labour market is dependent on foreign labour

The Managing Director of the Confederation of Danish Employers (DA), Jørn Neergaard Larsen, said in connection with an analysis conducted by DA: "The entire Danish labour market is completely dependent on foreign labour." At the same time as the number of public...

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Danish company prefers foreign employees

Bladt Industries in Lindø often hires Eastern Europeans. In fact, they prefer Eastern Europeans to Danes, it emerged in an article in the Danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende in May 2015. The reason for this is that Eastern Europeans are better educated, more...

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References from clients and temporary workers

For privacy reasons, we have chosen to anonymise some of our clients who comment here on their experience with us as a supplier of temporary workers.

Søren Mosevang, Sales Director, Hosta Industries:

“We needed qualified welding labour and had exhausted all of the possibilities at Danish-orientated temporary agencies, so we contacted two different foreign-orientated agencies. BlueCollar made the best bid and we asked the first employee in for testing. The employee passed the test with the highest possible score of welding quality. Employees were hard-working, quality conscious and had good language skills, so there were no obstacles during start-up. We will definitely use BlueCollar again at a later occasion and we recommend their quality.”

CEO from the shipping industry:

“When I spoke with Magdalena from BlueCollar, we had already started the recruitment process ourselves. We had received over 100 job applications, so we thought we could easily cope with hiring new employees on our own.

After 2 months, however, we had to throw the towel and contact BlueCollar. Because we had tested the profiles we had selected from the applications – and simply found that we could not use any of them. Now we’ve acquired the four skilled workers we needed through BlueCollar, and we are completely satisfied.  Next time I’ll ring up Magdalena immediately.”

Production Manager in the food industry:

“In our company, we have 70 foreign temporary workers from BlueCollar. To illustrate with an example of why we are a client at BlueCollar, this one stands out:

One Friday, we knew that we needed 30 people to work on the weekend due to a big order. At 3 PM we gathered the 70 temporary workers together and explained about the situation. They were all willing to report for work. I don’t think I need to point out what this meant for our company…”

CEO of a manufacturing company:

“In terms of pay, temporary workers from BlueCollar are on the same level as our Danish employees. But it gives us flexibility, and from a purely administrative standpoint it is very easy for us.”

Polish worker employed in Danish industry:

“It can be incomprehensible to travel to another country for work. What are the rules, what is the culture, how do you find a place to live and what about the language? It’s given me a great deal of security to be employed through BlueCollar, where they understand Polish and where they help as much as they do. I haven’t felt as though I were alone in this at any time.”

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