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Romanian labour is finding favour

by Feb 22, 2016News0 comments

At BlueCollar, we have always employed a small number of temporary workers from Romania in parallel with our original primary focus on Polish labour.

Our clients have expressed great satisfaction with the employees from Romania, where their professional skills and education are especially valued. For example, we are currently experiencing great success with electricians from Romania.

Romanian labour vs. Polish labour?

We recruit temporary workers in many industries and areas, and our focus is on finding the best personal and professional skills for the given assignment. So for us, nationality is not important in itself.

It is a great advantage for our clients that we are as flexible as possible and recruit as widely as possible to provide the best candidates for a given assignment.  We find that some clients prefer employees or temporary workers with certain nationalities. This may be for reasons of common language and culture with the company’s other employees or temporary workers of the same nationality.


Own recruitment office in Romania

In 2015, we saw a strong demand for Romanian labour in particular, and in that connection we have established a recruitment office in Constance, Romania.  But we are not only aware of Polish and Romanian labour – for example, in January 2016, we welcomed workers from Lithuania. Lithuanian welders and blacksmiths, especially, have a very high professional skill level, and together with a correspondingly high level of professionalism for Romanian and Polish temporary workers, this is an area which offers a great deal of choice for our clients.

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