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The temporary staffing agency that takes care of everything

BlueCollar is a temporary staffing agency that specialises in recruiting foreign employees. When our clients explain why they use us as a temporary staffing agency, they often emphasise the same benefits. In particular, our ability to recruit professionally skilled employees is a huge benefit to them.
Often, our clients have had trouble finding the employees they need or they do not have the time or resources to do so. That’s why they contact us – and confidently leave the task in our hands.

Major benefits of using a temporary staffing agency

For many years, we have recruited foreign employees for Danish companies through our recruitment offices in Poland and Romania, where we have direct contact with candidates.

As a temporary staffing agency and recruitment agency that provides foreign temporary workers, our most important task is to find workers with exactly the professional qualities that our clients are seeking. Our experience and network enable us to meet that requirement.

When you use our temporary staffing service, you get a number of tangible benefits that ultimately show as value on your bottom line

Skilled temporary workers
The education level is generally high and the workers are professionally skilled in their fields. We have our own recruitment office in Poland, where we carefully select our temporary workers.  Find out more about flexible workers here

Efficient labour
Our temporary staff work efficiently with focus on the task at hand in the company. They come from countries where the work culture is characterised by working hard and efficiently.  Find out more about flexible workers here

Flexible labour
When there is a need for employees to work overtime or work at weekends, our temporary workers are willing to do so. They are here to work and therefore they are very flexible.  Find out more about flexible workers here

Low sickness absence
Danish companies that use foreign labour generally experience a very low rate of sickness absence. Our temporary workers also have a much lower rate of sickness absence than the average.  Find out more about flexible workers here

Easy process
Our task is to make the entire process as easy as possible for our clients. For this reason, we handle many of the administrative tasks, which saves time and/or resources for our client.  Find out more about flexible workers here

Collective agreement-based pay
As a member of VikarBranchen, part of the Confederation of Danish Industry, we ensure a number of benefits for our clients, including that our temporary workers receive the same pay and working conditions as their Danish colleagues. .Find out more about flexible workers here

Good conditions for temporary workers
A secure temporary worker is a good temporary worker. That’s why we make sure that conditions for our temporary workers are controlled. That goes for housing, transport and Danish language instruction.  Find out more about flexible workers here

How it works
In just one minute, you can get an overview of what happens when you hire staff through the BlueCollar agency.  See the video on the recruitment process here

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