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Polish labour is characterised by great willingness to work

One of our clients constantly employs between 15 and 70 temporary workers from Poland. The client has used our service since 2006 and so together we have experienced ups and downs, financial crises, etc. The reason for the client’s continued use of Polish labour is simply because they work efficiently.

Foreign labour is often characterised by this efficiency and willingness to work.

The reason for this effective working culture in many foreign countries can only be guessed at. One suggestion is that other countries do not have a tradition for employees to ask questions or to generate ideas on how to optimise the work. Employee involvement on a more general level is often very valuable for companies, but in some jobs it is more about producing something than it is about developing new methods. Here foreign cultures have a clear advantage, and that’s something we really notice when we are contacted regarding employment of foreign labour.

Read an article (in Danish) from Fyens Stiftstidende on why a Funen-based industrial company uses Eastern European labour


Eastern European labour is efficient labour

“For most companies, the main motivation for using foreign labour is cited as the ‘lack of qualified Danish labour’. This apparently relates to professional skills only to a lesser degree, but to a large extent companies experience Eastern Europeans as, among other things, ‘more willing to work’, with ‘less absence’ and as being ‘more flexible in organisation of working hours’.”

Søren Kaj Andersen and Jonas Felbo-Kolding, Danish companies’ use of Eastern European labour, University of Copenhagen, 2013


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