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Flexible labour is worth gold to companies

It is every employer’s wish that the individual employee exhibits great flexibility. And many employees do so to the extent that they can balance it with their personal life. For our temporary staff, flexibility is a matter of course. Because they are here to work. And only that.

Søren Kaj Andersen, Associate Professor and centre director for the Employment Relations Research Centre (FAOS) under the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen, states: “They [Eastern Europeans] are very motivated, are typically relatively young and do not have their families with them. They are here to make money so they are very flexible and keen to work a lot of hours.”


The employees are there when it matters

”In our company, we have 70 foreign temporary workers from BlueCollar. To illustrate with one example of why we are a client at BlueCollar, this one stands out:

One Friday, we knew that we needed 30 people to work on the weekend due to a large order. At 3 PM we gathered the 70 temporary workers together and explained the situation. They were all willing to report for work. I don’t think I need to point out what this meant for our company…”

Production manager in the food industry

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