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More than just work …

Even though a temporary worker primarily comes to Denmark to work, we must not forget that conditions such as housing, language skills and generally a sense of security in the new situation also play a role in whether or not the hire is successful both for the company and for the worker.

Help with housing
If the temporary worker needs help with finding housing, we provide it.

Help with transport to/from work
If needed, we make sure that the worker arrives safely at the new workplace.

The worker always knows to rely on us when there are situations that are difficult to handle in a new country.



Focus on good conditions for temporary workers

“It can be incomprehensible to travel to another country to work. What are the rules, what is the culture, how do you find a place to live and what about the language? It’s given me a great deal of security to be employed through BlueCollar, where they understand Polish and where they help as much as they do. I haven’t felt as though I were alone in this at any time.”

Polish temporary worker employed in Danish manufacturing company

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