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Temps with professional skills

Our customers demand professionally skilled temps – and rightfully so. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find qualified temps in Denmark. But looking abroad, we find many competent foreign temps. Foreign temps are attractive to Danish companies because of their strong professionalism and skills.

Temps from Poland and other Eastern European countries are highly educated

In Eastern European countries such as Poland, Romania and Lithuania, craftsman have a high level of training and there is a long tradition of pride in one’s craft. This brings a joy to their work. We have extensive experience in providing Polish temps and temps from Romania and Lithuania to Danish companies, who are extremely pleased with the work performed by these temps.


CEO from the shipping industry

“When I spoke with Magdalena from BlueCollar, we had already started the recruitment process ourselves. We had received over 100 job applications, so we thought we could easily cope with hiring new employees on our own.

After 2 months, however, we had to throw the towel and contact BlueCollar. Because we had tested the profiles we had selected from the applications – and simply found that we could not use any of them. Now we’ve acquired the four skilled workers we needed through BlueCollar, and we are completely satisfied.  Next time I’ll ring up Magdalena immediately.”




Director of the Ship Industry – and Customer at BlueCollar

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