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Guarantee for low sickness absence among temporary workers?

We cannot provide a guarantee. But we can provide the average sickness absence rate for our workers: 0.31 %. The figure is based on BlueCollar’s accounts for 2013/2014. By comparison, the general absence rate is 4.7% for industrial workers according to DI’s 2013 statistics.

Even though our clients only pay for the time the worker is at work, it naturally impacts production when an employee is ill. And that’s why we place great emphasis on informing clients about the low absence rate among our foreign temporary workers in general.

Temporary workers receive sickness absence payments when they are ill, but it is not the companies that pay. We do – it’s part of our service.



Low sickness absence is a big plus

“Our studies indicate that farmers and other businesses using unskilled labour seek foreign labour because they perceive it as flexible and stable. They indicate that Eastern Europeans are employees with low sickness absence and a commitment to doing the job.”

Søren Kaj Andersen, Associate Professor and centre director for the Employment Relations Research Centre (FAOS) under the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen.

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