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It should be as easy as possible for our clients

The goal is that it should be easy and efficient for our clients to hire temporary staff through the BlueCollar agency. “We take care of that and thereby provide our clients with the best service we can offer:

  • We are responsible for the recruitment process and start-up.
  • We are responsible for salary calculations in accordance with collective agreements.
  • We are responsible for all administrative work including sickness absence payments, which we cover financially.
  • We are available 24 hours a day if urgent situations occur.

A fixed agreement creates security for clients

Security for both our clients and our temporary staff is absolutely crucial. When your company enters a contract with BlueCollar, we create a fixed price agreement that covers all costs. There are no extras, and you know at all times what your business is going to pay for the temporary worker. Your company has no responsibility for the worker, and we handle all administration in connection with hiring.

To ensure a good start of the employment relationship and create added security, there is always an employee from our office on hand for the first day of the worker’s employment in your company. Whether you have used us earlier or not. We ensure a good introduction so the worker knows what the job entails. This initiative is highly satisfactory for both clients and temporary workers.


No administration for companies

”In terms of pay, temporary workers from BlueCollar are on the same level as our Danish employees. But it gives us flexibility, and from a purely administrative standpoint it is very easy for us.”

CEO of a manufacturing company


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