Advantages of foreign temps

There are many advantages to engaging our foreign employees, not only if you ask us but also when you ask the companies that employ our temps.

These are just a few of the benefits of engaging our foreign temps that we hear time and again:

Based on our size and industry-specific recruitment focus, we can ensure that all of our temps have relevant professional training and / or extensive experience for working in their respective industries.
We screen and recruit our temps carefully, and place high demands on their ability to work and collaborate professionally.
This is exactly why our foreign temps have a strong reputation for being highly skilled and extremely professional.

Foreign temps usually come to Denmark alone to work, which also means that they are eager to work intensively and efficiently during their stay. Moreover, they are in no hurry to get home early from work and are very amenable to working weekend and holiday shifts.

As our temps do not initially settle permanently in Denmark, they are easy to place or move around. Therefore, we house our temps close to their workplace, both for your sake and the convenience of the temp.

In our experience our temps have a very low sickness rate. Should the temp fall sick for a shorter or longer period, we will cover the expenses accordingly.

As the temp’s family usually remains in their home country, our temps do not, as a rule, need to avail of the child’s first day of sickness rules for leave or attend school or day-care arrangements.

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