Our Approach

We want to build business relationships on a foundation of fairness for all

We want to work with our partners in an environment of trust and transparency. Confidence, security and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. Because we want all parties involved, companies and temps alike, to feel fairly treated throughout the entire process.

Together, we must be confident that we are all working to the same goals, rules and ethical guidelines. If we aren’t, we will never be able to achieve a successful cooperation.

That is why we never promise more than we can deliver. And we always deliver on our promises. We are proud to say:

We and our temps are worth cooperating with

Regardless of the number of temps or permanent employees you require, our approach to recruitment is always uncompromising. We only work with temps who can guarantee the right professionalism, experience and personality – regardless of industry and job description. Our temps are ambassadors for our values.

Our temps are worth waiting for

We guarantee that our temps are focused, careful and efficient at work. In our recruitment process we always place a strong emphasis on quality over speed. Our goal is not to be the fastest to find you a temp, rather to find you the best temp fast, which is usually fast anyway.

Our temps are worth investing in

When we say that we will take care of everything – we mean everything. We assist a wide variety of companies and assume responsibility for the entire process of recruiting and placing foreign temps or permanent employees. From recruitment to commencing work in the company and living in Denmark.

We know how to secure you the most competent, motivated and efficient temps and employees. We are confident that when you contact us and avail of our services and temps, you will enjoy generous returns on your investment.

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Fuel for growth

Foreign labour should be seen as a fantastic resource. Fuel for growth, as I like to say. By engaging the right number of employees with the right skills, your orders can be completed professionally and on time. And we can recruit them for you.

Not always from one day to the next, but in a relatively short time. Our dedicated teams in both Denmark, Poland and Romania do not subscribe to the motto ‘cheap and fastest’, but rather ‘best and fast’.

Magdalena Bahrami
Director & Owner, BlueCollar